Friday, October 11, 2013

Ab Ripper X and Six Packs

I hate to provide free publicity to big money-sucking companies, but I'm gonna be doing that for Ab Ripper X, because it's what I do two days a week, and I have a few comments on this program, specifically because it's been on my mind since I did it a whole five minutes ago.

Does it work? Um...that's like asking if a sledgehammer works at smashing an egg. Yes, of course it does. You wanna know a great secret to losing weight? Don't eat ever again. That's my not-so-subtle way of stressing how convulsed I think programs like Ab Ripper X are. Largely, I think they do more to discourage people who are at their less-than-ideal body weight than they do to encourage those who want six packs to get them. In all honesty, I think I could get results just as good by doing simple, less stressful ab exercises. The only reason I even decided to do the program was because it's 15 minutes and the douche that's yelling at you the whole time really motivates me. I don't know if anyone else is like this, but there's something about people yelling at me that motivates me. At the gym, I'll usually berate myself into doing an extra set or a few too many reps at the bench press. Healthy? No. Effective? I guess so. Destructive to my self-esteem? Absolutely. All that aside, my only comment about that guy who yells at me is, "Fuck you!" That's what I was thinking through the whole video, and that's what's still on my mind. "Fuck you, asshole!"

Moving on, you might be asking yourself, "So...if it works, do you have a six pack?" Um...kind of. I mean, if I flex you can see it, but it's not really that meth-head six-pack that some people go for. I enjoy eating too much to achieve that fantasy figure, but perhaps one day when I take up and eating disorder, I'll have a different story about that.

Six packs aside (which is a funny statement, because who's actually gonna push one of those to the side - not me), I'm exhausted and need a shower. So I'm off. I'll keep you posted on other nonsensical things that you have no reason to know later. For those of you thinking, what the fuck was this post about, I'll just direct your attention to the pic at the top of the post, and say, "Really? What the fuck are you complaining about? You're welcome."