Saturday, October 12, 2013

Atlanta Pride and Steve Grand

The other day, me and my boyfriend saw this picture on the cover of David Magazine (a popular Atlanta gay publication). We both had a similar reaction: "Meh, and why is this guy the one they chose to put on the cover?" We've seen plenty of David Magazine covers, and they usually opt to use some scantily clad boy that is more than appealing to the superficial interests of gay men. But considering it was the Pride issue of David Magazine, we were less than impressed.

Skip forward to today. Me and my boyfriend went to Pride Market with some friends. Afterward, we stopped by Jason's Deli, where I devoured a Sante Fe Chicken Sandwhich and an ice cream cone (a ritual binge that I do after pre-Pride starvation). One of my friends had mentioned several times that he was going to a meet and greet with Steve Grand. Evidently, he's an out singer that dates a porn star. I don't actually know if this is true, but it's what my friend said. Of course, I'll be googling this and getting back to you.

At one point, while I was shoving a swirl of vanilla and chocolate down my throat, aforementioned friend handed me his phone, saying, "This is the guy."

 "Oh my fucking Jesus Christ!" I said. "Who is this?"

My boyfriend looked at the pic and gasped. "That's the guy that's on the cover of David Magazine," he explained.

Needless to say, this was the pic that should have been used on the cover, because it evokes a far better reaction than, "Meh." In fact, after a Google Image search, we discovered a slew of images that were far more aesthetically pleasing, and I thank the innovations that have led to modern technology for making this eye-porn speedily accessible to me.

To summarize who exactly this Steve Grand fellow is, he's an out country singer, who as far as I'm aware, is best known for the single All-American Boy:


The video features a sexy Steve Grand in an unbuttoned shirt, gazing longingly off to where I assume the light stand is and singing about how he wants to hook up with this guy that has a girlfriend (Is it a surprise that there is a huge heterosexual fear of gays when we perpetuate stereotypes about stealing girls' guys? Nope. Watch out girls. We're coming for your men, and we don't mind giving them an STD, either.).

So, let's take another sip of coffee to progress!