Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Blog Start-up and American Horror Story Excitement

Hey all,

I'm starting this blog to promote my new ebook, Clipped, which is now available in its entirety for free on Scribd and Google Books. But that's the only mention I'm going to have for that right now, since I am far more eager to talk about the new season of American Horror Story: Coven, which premieres tonight.

Me and my two good friends get together to watch Sons of Anarchy every Tuesday, and FX has been teasing us with some awesome TV spots:

If I've done my math correctly, it looks something like:

Jessica Lange + Angela Bassett + Kathy Bates + Sarah Paulson =  Awesome.

And in case you missed it, last night, the teaser had a man being dragged into a swamp by a crocodile! Sold. For those of you who aren't fans of American Horror Story, I suggest you become fans. It feels like the show's creators just sit around trying to think of what will make me go "What the fuck?!" That's all that it takes to keep me watching a show, so if the season is anything like the teaser, I'm going to be on the edge of my seat till new episodes air.

For those of you who are already fans of the series, here's a present that I hope will brighten up your day, as it always does mine: