Thursday, October 10, 2013

Okay. Finally, on my E-book

Since I forgot to plug my e-book in my initial posts, as I was overwhelmed with excitement for American Horror Story's season premiere, I will now give my book a little show-and-tell.

Clipped is a m/m erotic novel. Rather than re-paraphrasing the story, I'll give you the synop that I've gone through over and over again:

After the fallen spy Kinzer's cover is blown, one of God’s gangs, The Raze, clips his wings and murders his angel lover. He escapes and sets out to warn his allies about a mole in their midst, but along the way, he discovers that his friends have located the Antichrist, whom Satan has created to stop God’s second Christ from destroying the world. Now, Kinzer is on a mission to protect the Antichrist and avenge his lover’s death.

To be clear, this is not erotic romance. Though there is a romantic storyline, the story is about sex: the good and the bad. It depicts the light-hearted, playful moments of intercourse as well as the darker, perverse sides of rape. All too often, I see books that exclusively represent sex as this wonderful, magical thing or strictly as this sadistic, cruel act. I don't really find either of those representations to be accurate. I see sex as being a combination of the two, and this is what I tried to depict in Clipped. Sex isn't all fun, and it isn't all bad. Like life, it's a complex dance between inexplicable pleasure and excruciating pain, neither possible without the other.

Anyway, I hope if you get the chance, you'll give my book a read and a review (or at least drop me an email or a comment to let me know what you think). You can find free copies all over the net, but specifically on Google Books or Scribd. For those who just want a little taste before committing to the book, check out this scene between two of my supporting characters: Treycore and Kid.