Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Release of Clipped is Upon Us...

Here it is. Just a very short time and Clipped will be available via Wilde City Press' website.

I'm nervous, scared, worried, panicked, terrified. I can't convey how afraid I am of the negative reviews that are surely just around the corner. Just a few days ago, I blocked my internet browsers from being able to pull up Goodreads. But Hell, I have a phone, so what does it matter? You know I'm gonna go running over to Goodreads to check reviews every few days. #thingsthatarentgoodforyou

My friend David has been incredibly helpful. It's his first read of the book, and he keeps sending me texts like, "If you don't answer the question this part just raised by the end of the book, I'm deducting a star from my review." David, when I get out to Los Angeles, I am going to kick your ass. ;) Mom's are always great, too: "You've already had terrible reviews. What's wrong with getting a few more?" Thanks, Mom. I'll remember this when there's a plug and a respirator. Although, side note: Mom asked me to help her with her kid's book FB page, and I almost forgot to log out before posting the link to my new book. Almost! Just almost. I'm sure all of her followers would have been thrilled to see my plug for a gay, erotic novel pop up on their screen. But she never has to know how close that was to happening.

Anyway, aside from fretting over pending reviews, I have several projects to keep me busy. I have two contracted books that have prep work to be completed, including a young adult novel with Harmony Ink Press and a vampire novel with Wilde City Press. I'm really excited about both of them, and I'll be posting more soon, but I'm also super-excited about my latest project, a ghost novel. I just completed it over a week ago. I still have some work to do with it, but I'm already prepping for my next book. My "prep work" is basically me sifting through Pinterest boys to see who my boyfriends for the next few weeks will be. And I totally found them:


Yes. They're going to be my muses for my next project, which is a little more scifi than I usually go for, but we'll see how it goes. If anything, you'll never hear another word about it.

Anyway, wish me luck on Clipped's release. I'm going to pretend that I'm not releasing my baby to the world...or rapidly downward spiral into insanity. In other news, my blog tour starts on April 21st, so yay!