Monday, May 26, 2014

Transitioning to Young Adult from Erotica

Coming June 19th, 2014

Here it is! The launch of my young adult novel through Harmony Ink Press. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Hideous--the story of a boy and his demon.

I'm so excited about the release on June 19th, but that means I have a lot of work to do. Gotta get review copies out. Hunt down blogs for guest posts and interviews. I can already tell you now that I'll be promoting with On Top Down Under Book Reviews and Greedy Bug Book Reviews. So much to do, and I'm still recovering from Clipped's release. Oh, well. Just have to keep on moving, and finish the book that I'm in the middle of...and Clipped's sequel.

My first book, Clipped, is an erotic adventure with wild, violent, raw sexual situations. Hideous has some sensuality and romance, but is far from erotic. Since I first signed the book, I've had some people ask me about making the transition from erotica to young adult novels. There seems to be this idea that I've had to censor myself to write YA, which isn't true. First off, I never censor a first draft. I write things as they come to me. I don't censor the magic voices that give me a story. I go with the inspiration and see where it takes me. Does this mean I don't censor at all? No. 

With Clipped, there was actually a lot of censorship. I made substantial changes (at no one else's request). Some elements were just too disturbing for me to include, as I believed they would somehow make the world a worse place by existing. This wasn't the case with Hideous. Though pieces have changed since the initial drafts, I didn't remove my main characters potty mouth or sexual impulses to dumb it down for an audience. I personally don't think that a YA audience needs to be dumbed down to, and I was very fortunate to work with a publisher that felt the same. Also, the character whose head I was inside of during the writing of Hideous wasn't particularly foul and hyper-sexual like the characters in Clipped, so it was all very natural.

This is a pretty underwhelming discussion of the title of this post. I don't have a list about how to make the transition from erotica to YA. I don't have some deep, meaningful epiphany that I experienced. I just have what I think is a very natural transition that most writers experience: each story presents itself the way it needs to be told, and you just let that story unfold the way it wants to unfold.

So without further ado, I give you the synopsis for Hideous:

Eight years ago, Luke Retter witnessed the brutal murder of his mother and sister at the hands of his demon-possessed father. He survived but lost a hand and an eye. The demon also burned its emblem into his skin, marking him as a cursed. Those who bear this mark are at risk of becoming possessed themselves, so they are monitored and enslaved by the state-run UCIS. Working as a slave is hard, but Luke prefers it to the possibility of being controlled by a demon. 

One night, Luke wakes to find his worst nightmare coming true. His father's demon has returned. In a panic, he runs to the only person who might be able to help: Zack, a cursed who ran away from the state and created an underground community to protect other fugitive curseds. Zack helps him suppress the demon. But the city's become a time bomb, and Luke's demon itches to escape. 

With the UCIS closing in on Zack's underground operation and Luke's demon crafting its own, nefarious plot, Luke realizes that he must take a stand.

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