Sunday, February 7, 2016

New Release: Lying Bastard

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I know, I know. Been a long time since I blogged, but I've been sooo busy this year that I've been lucky just to be able to get out some books for you guys to enjoy. Today, I'm excited to announce my latest release, Lying Bastard. It's got some hot frat boys with some twisted as fuck minds. I hope you guys fall as in love with the main characters, Ian and Brad, as I did. Here's the blurb:

This standalone novella contains erotic content. This is not for people who are interested in BDSM. This is for people who like it rough.

Take me, Brad. Hurt me. Break me.

Freshman Ian craves something brutal. Something violent. Something dangerous. After an encounter with Brad, his student orientation leader, he believes he’s discovered the guy who can give him exactly what he needs. But when Brad ignores Ian’s attempts to reconnect, Ian knows it’s because he fears what they shared. He’s sure if he can just get close to him, Brad will cave to their powerful chemistry. And he has just the trick to make it impossible for Brad to shake him: pledge with Brad’s fraternity, Alpha Theta Mu. It’s the hottest fraternity on campus. The one every guy’s trying to get into. Fortunately for Ian, the fraternity’s Archon Aaron takes an interest in him. Playing along will help him pledge and keep him close to the object of his desire.

Brad wants Ian, but he fears the darkness within him. He’s hurt people in the past, and he can’t let himself hurt Ian. Brad knows the only reason Ian’s hooking up with Aaron is to get close to him, but messing with the Archon's boy-toy isn’t an option. But why can’t he keep away from Ian? Why does every moment they're alone together lead to passionate kisses and sadistic games? And why do his hands keep gravitating to Ian’s throat?